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Our Mission

As competitive surf kayakers, we know what it takes to make every wave count. Our goal is to deliver that same standard to you in the kayaks we make. Through innovative design, superior build quality, and exceptional service, we aim to ensure rider satisfaction. Our build ethic is to create the best surf kayaks possible, ones we would proudly surf ourselves.

Ride Kayaks is well-established, and we're proud that our kayaks have become the choice of champions. We collaborate with world champions to refine our designs and to help grow the sport of surf kayaking. We look forward to many more years of building championship-winning kayaks for everyone. We hope you get as much pleasure out of your new Ride as our team riders do.


Why We Ride

Ride Surf Kayaks' home is the Atlantic-facing beaches, reefs, and river mouths of West Wales. Founded by champion surfer Tim Thomas, Ride draws on years of experience kayak surfing worldwide and combines a passion for quality and style in the boats we create.


In 2014, Christopher Hobson joined Tim Thomas to start Ride. Now, as the proud owner, Christopher ensures that Ride kayaks are manufactured to the highest standards. Our kayaks are designed for cutting-edge performance, trialed and proven by our championship-winning team, as well as usability for even the most novice surf kayaker. A Ride kayak you surf now will be one you'll love to surf tomorrow. Our kayak designs have balance and form, working in almost any conditions, so you can enjoy a Ride kayak whether you're smashing the lip in overhead surf or planing down the line on a mellow summer peeler.


When it comes to build quality, we adhere to the adage: "strong, light, or cheap – pick two." The key characteristics for a surf kayak are stiffness and strength, combined with minimal weight. We have developed a set of construction options that provide the very best quality. No hidden layers of cheap materials or corners cut – Ride kayaks are built to perform and to last.

Ride on!


What is the difference between a plastic kayak and a composite kayak?

Composite surf kayaks are the ultimate upgrade from plastic kayaks! Their lightweight and stiff design makes ripping the waves a dream, giving you unmatched speed and agility. Crafted from high-tech materials like carbon fibre and kevlar, they deliver top-notch stiffness and impact resistance. Plus, they're built to last, with superior durability and UV resistance ensuring they'll stay in great shape for years. While they might be a bit pricier upfront, the exceptional performance and longevity of composite kayaks make them a fantastic investment for any serious paddler looking to up their game.

What materials are your kayaks made of?

Our kayaks are made of highest-quality, durable materials such as carbon fibre, kevlar, woven glass fabrics, as well as top quality resin and gel systems, ensuring strength, performance, and longevity.

What warranty do you offer on your kayaks?

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects for all our kayaks, providing our customers with peace of mind and confidence in the quality of our products.

Where can I test your kayaks before making a purchase?

You can test our kayaks directly from our workshops in Swansea or during special demo events that we organize. We believe in the importance of trying before buying to ensure the perfect fit for your paddling style and size. 

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