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Comfort and a good connection with the boat are the main desirables for outfitting.

Ride uses simple, well placed foam parts to keep our kayaks light, comfortable and


– Bonded in front and rear mini cell foam pillars

– Ride shaped foam seat with hip pads

– Ride ‘Bloc’ minicell foam backrest

– Set of minicell foam foot blocks

– Fins – 3 fins, standard in thruster designs

– Optional composite thigh braces

– One-piece cockpit (on selected models)

Have and special requirements? We will do our best to accommodate you

Custom Outfitting Service

Enhance your kayaking experience by booking an appointment with us to have your new Ride Kayak expertly fitted to your body at our workshop. Our team will ensure a perfect fit for you, providing an unparalleled level of comfort and customization.

The cost for this service is £50.

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